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Juice Cleanse Ebook $24.99
Fall into Fitness Ebook

3 day juice cleanse eBook: A 3 day juice cleanse reseting your digestive system and cleansing your body of toxins and waste. Take 72 hours and give your body exactly what it needs in juice form. An email eBook will be sent to you  just print or view the eBook forever, its yours. Book comes with text, tips, instructions, and ingredient list. 










Fall into Fitness eBook: In this go-to guide you will find tips, and tricks for heading into the holiday season, beating the cold weather blues, and getting motivated for the rest of the year. 

Make sure you save, print, highlight, and put into practice all this guide has to offer and you'll be successful in your health and fitness goals. 

Portion control, recipes, workouts, and more. Lets get to it! 

Workout Plans


What is this plan? 

This is a 4 week customized plan that will be emailed to you within 72 hours of our initial intake and payment. This is for those that want to lose fat and build muscle, begin or continue a weight/strength training program, need education on the proper activity to be doing for your goals, and lose or gain weight properly. This is for men and women. 

What do I get?

- an initial virtual or in person consult

-4 week custom plan via email

-unlimited email correspondence 


What is this plan? 

This is a 4 week meal plan specified to your needs, goals, and dietary restrictions. This is a great plan for anyone wanting to better their nutrition and health goals. 

What do I get?


-an initial virtual or in person consult

-a PDF file with every meal written out clearly for an easy to follow plan. 

-unlimited email correspondence 

PACKAGE #3: Custom Meal + Workout combo

What you get

Everything listed under meal plan + workout plan at a discounted rate!












Rock Balancing

Life Coaching 

What is this about? 

This is one of our best additions to M W ELITE TRAINING. If you’ve known or followed my business for anytime you know that my training comes as a whole body experience. Mind and body transformations go hand in hand with my training and I’m thrilled to offer this service to clients. Not only will I be incorporating my life coach training but will also be utilizing my NLP Practitioner Certification. This stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and allows me to assist clients in a deeper way by understanding their fears, habits, self-doubts, etc. Through this, I am able to help clients get through road blocks in their goals, challenge and empower clients simultaneously, and interpret the clients prior experiences to better serve their current needs. 


If you need help in any of these areas, reach out here and we will have a complimentary virtual session.


-Need help identifying my strengths and weaknesses


-Need help to overcome obstacles 


-Need help to develop a solid plan for my future

-Need help navigating next immediate steps in my business or personal life

Life coaching services are a pay-per-session offering and will further be discussed during the complimentary session. 

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