3 day juice detox: A 3 day juice detox reseting your digestive system and cleansing your body of toxins and waste. Take 72 hours and give your body exactly what it needs in juice form. An email eBook will be sent to you within 12 hours of purchase just print or view the eBook forever, its yours. Book comes with text, tips, instructions, and ingredient list. 

21 day detox: 21 day guide to cleaning out your gut and resetting your eating habits. This is NOT A JUICE FAST, but more a healthy eating guide that will allow you to ease into a habit of clean eating. Includes a q & a section, real food options, meal calendar, do's and dont's, juice options, and more! 

Workout Plans


What you get

•Begin losing fat & building muscle

•Fully individualized training program just for you

•Cardio program that specifically targets trouble areas

•Weight/strength training program 

•Unlimited email correspondence for the entire program

•Education on your new plan

•Your weekly measurements & loss %


Who is this for?

*Those wanting to lose 5 or more pounds

*Those just starting out in the exercise and nutrition world

*Men and Women


What your get

*4 week meal plan specified to your needs

*a PDF file with every meal written out by time and date for easy follow

*email correspondence through the whole period

Who is this for?

*Anyone wanting to get a better hold on their health and nutrition goals. 

PACKAGE #3: Custom Meal + Workout combo

What you get

Everything listed under meal plan + workout plan at a discounted rate!

Virtual Training

This purchase is for those doing virtual personal training.

What is virtual training? You purchase the workout below and are sent an email with an intake form. It tells me a little about you and then we set up an appointment to have our virtual workout.

How does it work? You log on to a free software app at our given time (on phone, iPad or computer) and we have a 40 minute, minimal break workout in the comfort of your own home AND its customized to your goals, not a general workout for everyone.  

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