5 day vegetarian meal plan

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This meal plan is for those on a plant based diet. Full of greens, vegetables, and packed with flavor.

Each meal comes in a normal portion size of 6-8 ounces. Available in large 8-10 ounces as well.

**nutrition information can be given for each meal upon request & comes inside when your meals are delivered**

Choices included are:

Vegetarian chili

Vegetable curry with rice

Kale salad with roasted sweet potato

Vegetarian tacos w/ goat cheese

Spinach tortellini with vegetables

Stuffed peppers

Spinach enchiladas

Pesto pasta

Zucchini boats

Breakfast skillet

Vegan breakfast muffins

Chia seed pudding

Vegan breakfast loaf

Sweet potato bowl

Fresh, Organic Greek Salad

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